Email marketing is, pretty simply, utilizing the tools of email to deliver advertising messages. The large majority of Internet users have email accounts which enable them to receive an almost infinite quantity of messages instantly, and email is one of the fastest, affordable and simplest ways for marketers to connect with clients. Email is a very flexible tool that can provide a wide range of messages. Ads can be quite easy, or they can be flashy multimedia packages.

The aesthetic of the notice will depend on the company and the product for sale. Some advertisements are only text while others include images, video, and large lists of links. Email can help almost any message for a marketer wants to send. For instance, a nightlife website ran a highly successful email marketing campaign by including large, eye-catching pictures in the header of the email. The pictures were geared toward a young male demographic and gave the email context. They helped the reader to scroll down and join with the sales messages included in the body of the email. One of the biggest benefits of email marketing is that it lets marketers send targeted messages. Print, radio and television ads are spread indiscriminately and often reach consumers who have no interest in the product offered. But email marketing enables companies to tailor specific ads to certain clients. If a client has shopped for a brand of shoes in the past, companies can email them coupons for that same brand knowing that they have previously expressed an interest.

Companies can choose to manage their own email marketing campaigns or they can collect from over 100 different companies who offer email marketing services. These services give easy software tools that allow companies to maintain their email lists, design ads, and trace how often they are accessed. Larger companies that send out dozens of regular emails to tens of thousands of many customers often use email marketing services to manage the process.

Types of Email Marketing:
  • Email Newsletters: - These are regular emails that are mailed to a list of subscribers who have decided to receive updates from a company. Newsletters usually don't have explicit sales messages, but try instead to build a relationship between a customer and a brand.
  • Transactional Emails: - These are emails that do send out after certain things trigger them. When a customer purchases a product or makes a reservation, emails are sent out approving that transaction. They legitimize online business by giving customers a way to prove they have bought something.
  • Direct Emails: - These are used to notify customers regarding new products, sales, and exclusive offers. They give customers with direct information about products and normally provide a link or another easy way for customers to reach the product.