It is social media websites and platforms to market a service or the product. Comparing the terms e marketing and digital marketing, social media marketing is becoming most popular for research and the practitioners. Firms can allow customers and internet users to post user-generated content like online comments and product reviews etc. The social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram give advertisers with info about dislikes and likes of the customers.

Social media includes the governance, management of a marketing champion and establishing of a firm desired social media. Social media marketing channels create direct line of communication between consumers and company. These websites permit businesses, individuals and other organisations to create the relationship and to interact with each other. Social networks sites have all influenced the buzz of word of mouth marketing and increase of online buzz of the mouth marketing that a product, companies are expensing is due to the rise in the use of smart phones and using social media. The social media world changes faster than any other online space and keeping us with it aren’t an easy task. The social marketing will help you to connect the interaction to their consumers.

Social Media Marketing helps an organization to get direct feedback from the customers while creating the company knows more personable. The interactive parts of social media give customers the chance to raise questions and feel they are being heard. This aspect of Social Media Marketing is termed social customer relationship management that means Social CRM. The Federal Trade Commission has updated its rules to include Social Media marketing. Each the blogger, the company will be held answerable for ensuring that the incentives are clearly and conspicuously disclosed and that the blogger's posts contain no misleading statements. Otherwise complies with the FTC's rules regarding unfair or deceptive advertising.